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View PicBlock's Version History to see a list of recent changes.

Read the Quick Start Guide below for instructions on basic usage.

This software is Windows® compatible – see system requirements on the PicBlock home page. PicBlock is currently available in English only.

Alternative download link: Get it from CNET Download.com!

Note: Extra steps are required if you are running AVG or Nod32 Anti-Virus version 8 or greater.

Quick Start Guide:

1. PicBlock will run automatically each time your computer starts up. You will see the PicBlock icon in the systray (lower right corner of Windows).

2. Blocked images will be replaced by pixelated images and a warning dialog will appear whenever an objectionable image is encountered while surfing the web or reading an e-mail.

3. To unblock a harmless image that was incorrectly filtered, click on the hyperlink inside the warning dialog, then refresh your browser or e-mail client window (typically the F5 key)

Read the full User's Guide for detailed instructions and pictures.

Download Instructions:

1. Click on the Download button to start the download. This will open the File Download screen.

2. Click Run/Open.

3. The PicBlock software will install. You will be prompted to restart your system. This is necessary for PicBlock to work properly.

4. Finished! PicBlock will start filtering content automatically once your system has been restarted.

Read the User's Guide for further instructions.