Protect yourself and others from accidental or intentional exposure to pornography on the Internet.

Block pornographic images from your computer
Traditional porn blocking tools limit your choice of image search engines, rely on constantly outdated URL blacklists, and are easy for any tech savvy teenager to circumvent. Picblock uses revolutionary filters to blocks pornographic images by examining them for pornographic content, whether accessed from a Web page or loaded from a USB thumbdrive. Picblock also analyzes address and page content for sexually explicit keywords in dozens of languages, resulting in a powerful, two-pronged approach to filtering out pornographic content.

Features include:
  • Detect pornographic images in web pages, e-mail messages, iTunes® album art - any HTTP-based content
  • Block pornographic images from being displayed in Windows Explorer or loaded in any viewer program.
  • Filter for sexually explict words in dozens of languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.
  • Facial recognition reduces false positives by identifying whether a questionable image is actually a person's face.
  • Customize filtering sensitivity levels
  • Require a password to unblock content or change settings
  • Create a list of 'safe' sites manually or as a result of an unblock action
  • View a tamper proof log of all block/unblock activity
  • Ridiculously tamper resistant, even for computer savvy individuals
  • Enterprise installation options for mass distribution
  • Silent Mode for stealth filtering
  • Developer SDK (API) available
  • Is easy to install, configure and operate
  • Best of all, it's absolutely FREE for personal use!
NEW for developers!
  • License PicBlock's skin, face, and shape detection engine for your application
  • Integrate as a Windows .dll or Linux .so
  • Invoke from a Web Server via PHP or a Java Servlet
  • Invoke via .NET, including Web Services!
  • E-mail for more information and demos

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What's New

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 2003-8/XP/Vista
*Works with any Windows-based application that requests HTTP content from the Internet
8MB RAM, 10MB Hard Drive Space
An Internet connection

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Why use a porn image blocking tool?
According to a recent survey, almost half of kids online have been exposed to porn, often mistakenly.

What people are saying...

I would like to say thank you. I'm just an average mother trying to keep her children
safe online. Your application was easy to setup and use
. - Diana